Metaphor is organizing all internet content into a neural database. We give developers the power to filter this database with natural language queries of any complexity.

For example, "Find every AI startup that started before 2022 that works on a related mission to Metaphor" should return a correct and comprehensive list.

By instantly retrieving any slice of the internet, Metaphor lets anyone bring the totality of human knowledge into their application.


Metaphor was built with a simple goal — organize all knowledge. Today, the world’s knowledge is scattered across billions of sites and we find things based on keywords. Metaphor will organize this knowledge into an intelligent database and we’ll find things based on meaning. For example, keywords can’t handle these queries, but Metaphor will:

If we handle these types of queries, we won’t merely have a better search engine — rather, we’d be unlocking knowledge in a way not seen since the printing press.

We have a clear engineering path toward achieving this very sci-fi future, and we need more people to help us get there faster! 2 years ago, it felt 10 years away. Now it feels like only a couple.

V1 product

There are many paying API customers using Metaphor V1 for a wide variety of applications, and we’re growing fast! (In the time that you’ve been reading this doc, we’ve helped about a dozen people/companies find valuable information from across the web that they couldn’t find elsewhere)

Check out our V1 search engine, API Landing Page, or API Dashboard.

Some example queries: